Life Insurance

There are many types of life insurance, as it is designed for different situations. It initially started out as just "life" insurance, but products are available now for all situations, age groups, and conditions. This product is designed to allow those we leave behind to continue to enjoy the manner of life they have become accustomed to. Or to continue a business operation after the loss of an owner or key employee.

We have multiple carriers offering life (term, universal and whole), mortgage protection, final expense, business continuation; with riders to customize the product to meet your financial goals.

Coverage can start as low as $1,000 up to $2,000,000 and for ages 30 days to 85 years (in most states).  This is light years away from burial policies with a monthly door-to-door collection (we have those), simple term life (insurance with a fixed premium for a defined period of time and no cash value), and whole life (insurance with a fixed premium for life that accumulates a cash value). Today, even some term life plans generate a cash value. We have those.

Make sure you have the right coverage for your needs.


Ask yourself this question...

What if you had died yesterday, who would be providing for your family today?

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