Auto Insurance

Because they are out there,

make sure you have the right coverage!

Definition of Minimum Liability:

The trap many consumers find themselves in is the "State Minimum Liability" that they think in the case of an accident that they will be able to have their car fixed. This is NOT the case.

Here is the breakdown for example: Texas law requires 25/50/25..That means $25,000 bodily injury (one person, $25,000) total bodily injury per accident ($50,000) and coverage for property damage ($25,000). This means, if you hit a family of 4 driving a high end minivan, you could have far less than what you would need to protect yourself. In the event of a lawsuit, a court could seize your assets, including your home. We recommend a min. 50/100/50..type of coverage. The more coverage you have the better off you will be.


Approximately 3,500 teens die each year due to texting and driving.  Please teach your children that nothing is more important than keeping their eyes on the road.  For more information, please visit teendrivermonitoring.

Things to consider when looking for auto insurance:
  • What is your car worth (Do you have money to buy a new car?)
  • Uninsured motorist (Protects you if other car is not insured)
  • What are my assets?
  • What times of days do you drive most? Rush hour etc..
  • Any teen drivers?
  • Weather Conditions? (Do you drive on snow or ice regularly)


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