Gauranteed Issue Plans

An apple a day, keeps the Doctor Away... But just in case, we have limited health or what is known as guarantee issue plans to help offset the cost of going to see him.

The Limited Medical Indemnity Benefits included in these plans provide a basic level benefit for individuals (and families) that do not have access to traditional coverage. Limited Medical Indemnity Benefits are not to be confused with major medical insurance and they are not meant to replace major medical plans. These types of plans are good options for those who are healthy for the most part, conditions under control via medications and those who want to supplement a high deductible plan. Some of the features are:

• Doctor Office Visits
• Wellness Visits
• Hospital Confinement Benefit
• Diagnostic, X-Ray, Laboratory Benefit
• Ambulance Benefit

Prescription Benefit
• Surgical & Anesthesia Benefits
• Critical Illness
• Disability Coverage
• And Much More


Here are some simple plans that you can look at and sign up for if they meet what you need.

Online enrollment is easy!

E-Health Starr

GetMed 360

Homeland Health Care

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