Health Plan Types

 Major Medical is the best way to go, IF you can afford it and IF you qualify. However, most will either exclude any pre-existing conditions or put you on a 1 year waiting period. The biggest thing is that with major medical, you have access to catastrophic care and lifetime maximums, but there is a high deductible attached to this kind of coverage. This includes HSA savings accounts.

Indemnity Plans or Guarantee Issue Plans, are a great alternative to major medical. With an Indemnity Plan, you can choose your medical provider or choose your doctor within the network. You get the benefit of a PPO network with additional discounts negotiated with your healthcare provider and your insurance carrier will pay a set amount towards your bill. Usually, there is a low deductible, but some companies don’t have deductibles at all; be sure to confirm this with your insurance company. Indemnity plans are the best for people who either have a pre-existing condition or are denied major medical, but are healthy for the most part. Most do offer accidental coverage, which is an added benefit.  With an indemnity plan you get most of the benefits of major medical coverage without the high deductibles. However, If you go to the doctor more than 5 times a year, this may not be the best option for you.

Discount Plans offer the least coverage, but are still a viable option for those on a restricted budget. You can get an accident only type of “blanket” coverage. Discount plans offer network pricing at the lowest cost, but the out of pocket cost is reduced. This is considered the last option for a “just in case” situation where a customer is either very healthy and / or has a very low budget.

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