About Us

Have you ever gone online to search for just one insurance quote only to receive calls from several companies? We know what you're going through.

What you didn't know is that your personal information may be sold, on average, to at least 4 or more companies. Then it is packaged as a "exclusive lead". We know, because we have purchased exclusive leads, only to find out that everyone else had them too! We'll find the right coverage for your needs.

Bravo Insurance Group was created with you in mind. We have a different sales approach, and multiple product options. When purchasing insurance, shouldn't you be able to get what you need at an affordable rate?

We have over 35 combined years of insurance, sales and marketing, and networking experience - to assist you in finding the right company and products. We are Licensed Insurance Professionals, so we know what to look for and which questions to ask; all to meet your needs.

 Michael Hitt

Phone: (214) 407-2414

Fax: (877) 310-6723

Email: Mike@bravoinsurancegroup.com

 Ivory Rooks

Phone: (214) 778-5286

Fax: (866) 779-0050


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